Blake Redden's Preview for Ballarat

Tue, 26 Jul 2016

We're playing a slightly unusual Game Plan in many respects without any singular bets but that is made up for with three juicy money races along with both the Early and Late Quaddies.

Track information

Circumference: 1000m, Sprint Lane: No, Leader's win: , Leading Trainer: , Leading Driver:

The Moral

Race 9 - No.6 Apache Shark

This bloke is coming out of a much stronger race so he can sit anywhere tonight and prove too strong.


Take On

Race 7 - No.8 Metroincharge

This guy is racing well but from the back row I thought there was at least one or two who could turn him over if things don't go his way.

Money Race(s)
R1 $20 Worth Of Flexi First Fours
We're hoping Santanna Wil Play (2) zips straight across Tigers Eye (1) here and from that point they should dominate. Aroadblock (5) was actually OK on debut and is a key multiple hope as is Mairhed Fallen (10) so here's three first fours to try and squeeze a profit out of a skinny race.
2/1/5,10/5,10. $14 gets 700%
2/1/5,10/9. $4 gets 400%
2/1/9/5,10. $2 gets 200%
R3 $15 Worth Of Flexi Trifectas
This is again quite skinny but I love Miss Graceland's (2) trials so we'll anchor her for a small amount with Waltzingwithsierra (9) and Jules Peach (1) the other two in our trifectas.
2/9/1 $10 gets 1000%
2/1/9. $5 gets 500%
R6 $35 Worth Of Flexi First Fours
Macha (9) looks too good at his best and i'm pretty sure he's close to that so we'll play some more first fours but this time we'll hope for some value amongst Saab Magic (1), Uroc Mman (2) and Time Capsule (8) the key ones and Party Boy (4) the further hope.
9/1,2,8/1,2,8/1,2,8. $17 gets 283.33%
9/1,2,8/1,2,8/4. $9 gets 150%
9/1,2,8/4/1,2,8. $6 gets 100%
9/4/1,2,8/1,2,8. $3 gets 50%
Early Quaddie(s) - $20 Worth Of Early Quaddies + $75 Worth Of Normal Quaddies
1,2/4,7/2/2.$20 gets 500%
Quaddie(s) - $20 Worth Of Early Quaddies + $75 Worth Of Normal Quaddies
1,3,6/9/4,8/10.$24 gets 400%
1,3,6/9/4,8/5,6,7,9,11.$15 gets 50%
1,3,6/9/1,5,6/10.$12 gets 133%
1,3,6/1,2,4,8/4,8/10.$16 gets 66.67%
7,10/9/4,8/10.$8 gets 200%

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