Blake Redden's Preview for Warragul

Sun, 23 Jul 2017

We may be playing a little fast and loose today but with just seven races it's not an overly expansive Game Plan so if we can jag the first leg of the main Quaddie and/or our money race, we should be able to end on the right side of the ledger today.

Track information

Circumference: 834.82m, Sprint Lane: Yes, Leader's win: , Leading Trainer: Jayne Davies, Leading Driver: Chris Alford

The Moral

Race 6 - No.1 Franco

This guy just finds all the right conditions to be winning today.


Take On

Race 3 - No.5 Most Happy Cullen

With the favourite and top tip drawn to lead that makes this girl some risk if she starts short in the market.

Best Bet(s) - $35 Win
R4 No.6 - Outpunch Enchanter$4*
We're banking on this boy pinging the tapes and taking the lead off whoever is first there but if he can, he'll be mighty hard to run down.
Money Race(s)
R3 $25 Worth Of Flexi Trifectas
Franco (1) should lead here and with Hoagy Bromac (8) following him through around a track that suits pegline runners, this is the perfect opportunity to attack the multiples.
1/8/2,10 $12 gets 600%
8/1/2,10. $7 gets 350%
1/2,10/8. $6 gets 300%
Early Quaddie(s) - $20 Flexi Early Quaddie + $55 Worth Of Flexi Normal Quaddies
1,2/2,6,7/1/6,10.$20 gets 166.67%
Quaddie(s) - $20 Flexi Early Quaddie + $55 Worth Of Flexi Normal Quaddies
6,10/5,7,9/1/9.$18 gets 300%
6,10/5,7,9/1/4,5,6,10.$12 gets 50%
6,10/5,7,9/8/9.$9 gets 150%
6,10/5,7,9/2/9.$6 gets 10p0%
6,10/1,4,11/1/9.$10 gets 166.67%

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